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Guilt or Innocence...  Did You KNOW?
Consider This...

*Did you happen to know that the Arvizo family (Gavin Arvizo is the boy who accused Michael Jackson of child molestation in 2003) tried to get money from other celebrities before Michael Jackson and that Gavin denied up until the last minute, that Michael had ever done anything inappropriate with him? 

The list of celebrities that the Arvizo's tried to get money from includes Jay Leno, Chris Tucker and George Lopez. Janet Arvizo, the boy's mother, also had a record of making false prior allegations of sexual assault, physical assault and being held hostage in 3 other instances before Michael Jackson, which included her ex-husband and JCPenney/Tower Records guards. She also made similar allegations against her father.  

*Did you know that while Janet Arvizo and her family were supposedly being held hostage by Michael, she was out charging expensive beauty treatments for herself to Michael's account out and about town, where she could easily have had access to a phone to call for help?

*Did you realize that Gavin Arvizo, the boy who accused Michael of child molestation, had a prior record of shoplifting?

*Did you know that the Arvizo family filmed a rebuttal video to Martin Bashir's documentary where they glowingly talked about how wonderful Michael has been to them, how he treated them like family, how loving he had been and how he had helped heal Gavin of his Stage 4 terminal cancer because he had given the boy hope and encouraged him to keep fighting for his life? Later, they would claim that they were forced to make this tape and that it was all scripted for them. You can view this tape in Larry Nimmer's DVD. When you watch it, you will clearly see that this was not scripted as Janet Arvizo is practically gushing about Michael and all that he has done for them and Janet and her daughter at times get emotional talking about Michael and how good he has been to them. Not too long after they had made this tape and also praised Michael to others, they brought charges against him.

*Did you know that there are clocks all over Neverland? Gavin Arvizo claimed that they were being held hostage by Michael and that they were never allowed to know the time, which seems highly unlikely in the fact that clocks are displayed all over the Neverland grounds, including the big clock in the lawn. The Arvizo's had also claimed being kidnapped and held hostage by others prior to meeting Michael Jackson.

*Did you know Neverland property is not unpenetrable? There is a short, ranch-style fence that can easily be jumped over or gone "through", which also seems to seriously discredit the Arvizo's stand that they were being held hostage.

*Did you know that the guest house that the Arvizo's stayed in was the same guest house that has hosted Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and others and was right next to the main house?

*Did you realize that Jordan Chandler, the boy behind the 1993 allegations, denied that Michael ever did anything improper to him UNTIL Michael refused to fund Evan Chandler's (the boy's father) new movie project for $20 million? Which ended up being the same amount that Michael ended up having to settle for? Evan Chandler, who was a dentist and aspiring screenwriter, claimed that he gave his son a mind-altering barbituate drug during a tooth extraction and that under this drug, the boy admitted wrong-doing on Michael's part. Geraldine Hughes, who was the legal secretary to Barry Rothman (the lawyer Evan Chandler contacted), was witness to the extortion. There is much more to this story though, as you'll find out in my interview with Geraldine Hughes, Evan (Jordan Chandler's father) was taped saying that he was going to ruin Michael Jackson. Coincidence?

*Did you know that both accusor's parents used the SAME attorney and the SAME psychologist and that in both instances, instead of going to the police, both families went to a lawyer to create a case?

*Did you know that pedophiles have hundreds of victims, not just two?

*Did you realize that DA Tom Sneddon searched several COUNTRIES for victims of Michael Jackson, AND had a website looking for any information on Michael, and found NO ONE!

*Did you know that there was no DNA evidence found (not even a hair, body fluid, anything) found at Neverland Ranch during the 2003 raid according to Michael's attorney Tom Mesereau?  

Mesereau went on to say in his interview with Jay Leno that DNA is always found in these types of cases if a crime was committed.

These statements are just a tip of the iceberg on the truths that surround the Michael Jackson molestation cases, and unfortunately, much of the public isn't aware of them because the media did not report much of these facts and focused instead on the prosecution while leaving out much of what happened with the defense during the trial.
Janet Arvizo (mother of Gavin Arvizo, the boy who accused Michael Jackson of molestation) 
met met with a civil lawyer in Jan of 2000 to talk to him about MJ molesting her son PROBLEM is...Janet and Gavin had not even MET MJ at this would be 7 or 8 months later that they would meet MJ for the FIRST TIME!

Michael Jackson comforting and encouraging Gavin, a then cancer-stricken young man, at Neverland Ranch