The Truth about Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson as Daddy
"I've never met anybody who was more well-adjusted or more normal. He was just such a normal guy. So intellectual and so bright and so normal.  

He was an absolutely fabulous father. I've never met a parent that is as good or better than Michael. Those kids were an absolute delight! I've never met kids in my life that were like those kids. I spent a lot of extended time around them. I never heard them cry, I never heard them beg for anything, never saw or heard them throw a fit..."

David Nordahl
Close friend of Michael Jackson's for 20 years
Michael Jackson's 3 beautiful children have been bullied ad nauseam about their paternity.  

Michael Jackson was, and always will be, their father.  Their Daddy.  As Michael stated "Leave Me Alone".

All 3 of Michael's children are beautiful, smart and kind young people.  A testament to what a great father he was.

I think as you see some of the photos here and watch the videos, it will become crystal clear that Michael was the Daddy of his 3 children and he loved them very much and they love him the very same in return.  That's what makes a father and his children.