The Truth about Michael Jackson
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Conceptual Artist Syd Mead speaks about Michael Jackson
Some of Syd Mead's impressive work can be seen on movies such as Tron, Aliens, Blade Runner and Disney's "Tomorrowland"

Thank you for your brilliant, insightful piece on Michael. I worked with Michael on several projects as a prospective project concept designer.

I met Michael first in Hawaii, back stage as his personal guest. His secretary, Effie, had first class tickets sent to my Hollywood house,we flew to Honolulu, were met by one of his handlers and were personal guests at his HIS STORY tour performance. We were brought back stage while he was getting makeup on, met his three young nephews who were getting ready for their Europe tour, watched his amazing performance and then were part of the motorcade back to the Hilton Tower in Honolulu. I had a 4:OO am meeting with Michael in his top floor suite regarding a planned theme emplacement in Indonesia, I submitted several designs for the plot following Michael's direction and met him a second time at his (then) dance studio in Hollywood.

The next time I met him was in Bahrain. He had been 'hired' by His Excellency Abdul Kalifa to be the entertainment and content director for the Prince's project. Michael recommended me as the concept designer for that project. After four meetings with Michael and the Prince I returned to L.A.

My next meeting (and the last before his death) was at the Bel Aire hotel regarding a project planned for the Middle East. None of the planned projects actually happened, but i've been involved as concept designer for several billion dollar projects that never happened either. The larger the financial landscape on any project, the more fragile is the actual 'go.'

Michael was quietly gracious and I am very proud to have met him and be treated as a confident.

I am currently writing my autobiography and will devote a double page spread on my admiration and memory of a brilliant individual.