The Truth about Michael Jackson
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What We Must Learn...
The Truth about Michael Jackson
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You've heard so many things.  But how do you tell what's truth from fiction?  Michael Jackson...Iconic, musician, dancer, game changer, barrier breaker and arguably the most famous man on the planet.  Also arguably, the most controversial.  How does one find the truth?  Here, a journalist investigates just that....and shares with you, the TRUTH backed up by FACTS.
Who was Michael Jackson?  What's the truth?  Was he strange?  A pedophile?  Music man or predator? 
How can you make sense of all of the stories, both past and present?  Did you know, for instance, that Michael Jackson was not only a humanitarian but saved the lives of many?  SO many don't know the truth...HERE, is the truth.
The Truth Unfurled:
The Documentary ©
Was the King of Pop a predator?  A humanitarian?  A multi-talented man that got away with wrong-doing due to his celebrity, or an innocent man?  What's the TRUTH?
READ for yourself 
what happened in the courtroom in 2005, word for word!
Official Complete 2005 Trial 
Court Transcripts
Current Headlines/Posthumous Allegations
Interview with a 20 year friend of Michael Jackson's, David Nordahl
Includes 2 in-depth interviews...HERE
What survivors of sexual abuse have to say about Michael Jackson
Have you ever considered...why the media wasn't taking these allegations of alleged child molestation seriously?  But instead were cracking jokes?  
I have....
After all, if true, this was supposed to be about a child being sexually molested.  A horrible crime. The media told you that Michael Jackson was a child molester...a very serious allegation.  But did their actions and coverage match up to the seriousness of the crime they were covering?
You Decide.
This video will give you a compilation of just some of what went on outside the courtroom and in the newsroom, during the 2005 Michael Jackson child molestation trial.  

What REALLY Happened?
Information on the accusers, the allegations & the facts
The Facts Behind The Accusations

Eccentricities?  Or Explainable Maladies
Vitiligo, Scalp Burn, Injuries & Medication Addiction
Reporter Mary Fischer speaks to Greta van Sustren about her research into the allegations that came against Michael Jackson HERE 
Who was Michael Jackson, The MAN?
View the body language analyses HERE
Guilty or Innocent?  What You Need To Know
Understanding The Media's Role In Your Thinking

The media's role in how you think, and what you saw and heard (and didn't see or hear) in regards to Michael Jackson

What does well-known conceptual artist Syd Mead 
(Tron, Aliens, Blade Runner, Disney's "Tomorrowland")
have to say about Michael Jackson?
Attorney Tom Meserau weighs in on his client READ
WHY is this happening AGAIN?
Do these new allegations have validity?

What you need to know about Wade Robson HERE
Eye opening facts about the accusors and the allegations
The FBI's Investigation into Michael Jackson HERE
Michael Jackson and Children
The Day The Bridge Fell
Click HERE for the full story
Read the story HERE
 "I contacted Ken Wells, who is no longer in the tabloid business, who stated “ I’ve seen what other people have done to capitalize on his name and a lot of false things have been said. The way I look at it, because of being in the tabloid business years ago is, if you don’t see proof it’s probably not there. People will say anything about a celebrity to make money.
I don’t want to be involved in something that’s false. I’ve met Michael Jackson a couple of times and the guy WAS NOT a child molester. I don’t care what anyone says and if they think he is they need to bring some kind of proof. Nobody has brought any kind of proof in all these years.”~ 
Excerpt from Turning The Tables on the Chandler Allegations blog 
Read It HERE
"The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services absolutely agrees with Katherine that her son never molested any child in cases the department investigated,” the source says.

The admission comes one day after Katherine Jackson’s interview with Matt Lauer for Today, in which she said the biggest misconception about her son had been that he was a molester.
This video clearly shows the impact these lies had on not only one's man's life, but also on society as a whole.  How we treat one another.  We must vow to never do this to another human being again.
It's too late now, to apologize to Michael Jackson or to his children who lost a loving father, or to his family, who lost a loving son and brother. the world and humanity, who lost a champion not only for children, but for humanity as a whole.  Contributing not only artistically and musically, but also saving numerous people's lives around the world (all without recognition), donating millions to help those in need and personally giving hope to the sick and dying.  

But it's not to late to learn from the mistakes.  To learn how to treat one another with love.  To stop believing everything we hear and to stop repeating lies and assumptions about others without any facts to back up what we are saying or sharing.  Doing so not only is wrong, but it ruins people's lives.  One day you may even find that you are the recipient of such lies, or maybe you already have been.

It's not too late to make this world a better place...change the world by first, changing the ways of the man in our mirror.~Deborah

Deborah is a published writer who has covered entertainment and many other subjects.
 Taj Jackson Speaks Out

Other Sexual Abuse Survivors Speak out in support of MJ
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The Lesson:  
What We Must Learn From What Happened to 
Michael Jackson
Vitiligo: The disease Michael Jackson had, and the silent suffering he endured  as skin bleaching and "wanting to be white" rumors circulated
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The public's perception of Michael Jackson had more to do with the public and their mindset, than it ever had to do with Michael Jackson, himself, or his character.~
This injury would cause him life-long back and pain issues that are also documented in the autopsy
Stories of Addiction
What's the Truth?
The Truth Is...

Michael Jackson had a scalp burn that caused him years of agonizing pain, he suffered painful injuries when a bridge he was on collapsed during a show which led to life long back pain issues and, due to the lies that the press spread about him and child molestation allegations and the loneliness and isolation that comes with that level of fame, he was also in deep emotional pain at times as well.
Despite the stories you have heard over the years, the stories of drug addiction were inaccurate and the use of painkillers to dull both physical and emotional pain, understandable.

The autopsy showed no drugs in Michael Jackson's body other than the drugs given to him that day by his physicain, Dr. Conrad Murray.  There was no organ damage that would normally be seen with prolonged drug or alcohol use or abuse. Prescription bottles found at his residence, most were never finished, only a few pills taken and many were old prescriptions.
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